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Sometimes a book comes along that is so relevant it makes you stop in your tracks. This book not only did that but it also just won the Best Children's Book (5+) at the Junior Design Awards.  Created by a group of writers, illustrators, doctors and psychologists, MIND HUG is a beautifully crafted story that helps children and adults work through emotions, feelings and create moments of calm.  We've often wished the Smallprint sprogs would take a few deep breaths when the red mist descends, and seeing them emulate the main character's mind-calming powers was the 'we must stock this book moment' for us.  £9.99, published by Circus House.


This simple story about a boy called Jack helps children work through their feelings by teaching calm breathing techniques.  When his mind is abuzz and full of clashing thoughts he learns to stop, reach to the sky and let the thoughts drift away.  

If turning mindfulness into a superpower wasn't enough, every sale of Mind Hug supports charity Place2be who help schools deliver better mental health support. Oh, and it's printed in the UK on carbon-balanced paper through the World Land Trust.  Don't just take our word for it's brilliance, psychotherapist Sarah Gibbs said it offers “a simple, powerful idea that all children can use to pause for a few moments and ground themselves. To understand mindfulness early provides a good set up for life and helps to build resilient mental health, something that needs investment.” 

 Buy it HERE. 

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