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Mind Hug



Jack is feeling fizzy. He is chasing every thought! Soon he is tired, grumpy and feeling flat. Time for a HUG. But it’s not a normal squeeze Jack needs – it’s a Mind Hug – and it starts with one big breath....

This picture book introduces younger children to universal mindfulness in a gentle and open way. The power of taking deep breaths is revealed through story art that changes with a child’s thoughts and emotions.

Newly launched publishing house Circus House encourages intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual growth in every child. They will not divide content or aspirations by gender and believe that the journey of a story should reveal truth, spark curiosity and invite transformation. We agree!

“This important and lovely storybook introduces mindfulness in  an age-appropriate way. A mind hug is a simple, powerful idea that all children can use to pause for a few moments and ground themselves. To understand mindfulness early provides a good set up for life and helps to build resilient mental health, something that needs investment.” Pyschotherapist Sarah Gibbs.

40 pages
270 X 225mm
Circus House

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Mind Hug

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