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This week marks the start of a long six weeks of school holidays for many.  Whether you are looking forward to it, or dreading how to keep your brood entertained, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve.  We've picked some of our top activity books to show you guys that you don't have to settle for a typical colouring or sticker book, this pick of Smallprint favourites have lots more to offer! Scroll down and see the full collection here.


For the sum of £4.50 of your hard-earned money you can snap up a copy of Okido magazine.  Bursting with crafts, games, poems, doodling and activities, these are jam-packed with ideas to keep little minds occupied for long journeys or rainy days. We have various issues available, the most recent being the Holiday issue! Okido, £4.50.


This pint sized pocket book offers up enough brain-building content to keep both adults and children amused.  Travel through the alphabet with scrapbooking ideas, innovative drawing and writing challenges and fun illustrations to get the cogs turning. A brilliant buy that is perfect for 4-8 years. DIY ABC, £12.95


One of the best ways to keep little hands busy, stickers are a parenting best friend on trains, planes and restaurant tables.  Featuring over 800 stickers from Pierre the Maze Detective, there are countless opportunities to enjoy the search and find activities along the way.  A brilliant book for every maze detective, Pierre the Maze Detective Sticker Book, £7.99.


Most children go through a phase of space obsession and if you are currently in this zone then we have something to put smiles on faces and bottoms on chairs.  We are impressed with page after page of awesome activities in Ben Newman's characterful style.  From creating new alien language to space experiments and 'what-if?' scenarios, this will keep your astronaut loving tot busy for days, if not weeks. Professor Astro-Cat's Intergalactic Activity Book, £9.95.


You don't need to travel the world to discover new cultures, customs and habitats.  These pages are bursting with brilliant pursuits for mini globe-trotters in the making, from flag designing to imagining desert islands.  You can travel to the corners of the world and design a meal to enjoy in Japan, draw a castle in England or colour the correct animals in Africa.  Maps Activity Book, £8.99.


Take your average colouring book and supersize it whilst adding awesome illustration and you get the OMY colouring poster!  Designed to be fixed to a wall or laid on a table or floor, this 100 x 80cm sheet is full of fun, characterful imagery to bring to life. Hours of entertainment for just £10.99.  OMY Cosmos and Paris

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