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How can kids books can help protect the planet?

This Thursday 22nd April, over 190 countries will mark Earth Day with the shared message to support our world by recovering the damage done and creating a better future.  Read a bit of history and discover Smallprint's top five books to inspire the next generation to live an eco-friendly life.

Fast forward to sunnier climes with our top holiday reads

Thomas Cook recently approached us looking for book guidance whilst planning an exciting addition to their family resorts.  Knowing how important it is for families to spend quality time together on holiday, they will introduce book boxes this summer, giving you the perfect opportunity to read with your children while you’re away!

Parenting with Stories 100 Happy Bedtimes for Happy Kids

The child rips open the shiny wrapping paper to reveal… a book. Crestfallen, they toss it aside before pouncing on a more promising paper-enrobed object, hopefully with bleeps and lights. Even the parents’ faces can be a pale echo of their child’s; ‘A book? When I gave your child a Super Blah Blah?’ 

New Super Powers to help calm kids - step inside 'Mind Hug'

Created by a group of writers, illustrators, doctors and psychologists, Mind Hug is a beautifully crafted story that helps children and adults work through emotions, feelings and create moments of calm.  


This week marks the start of a long six weeks of school holidays for many.  We've picked some of our top activity books to show you guys that you don't have to settle for a typical colouring or sticker book, this pick of Smallprint favourites have lots more to offer!

Five minutes with Owl and Dog Playbooks

As book fanatics with young kids, we were blown away by the originality of Owl and Dog Playbooks. We were compelled to get in touch to tell them how brilliant they are, which resulted in us proudly becoming a stockist and being lucky enough to interview founders Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang. 

A coffee-table book for the inquisitive

For us, kids’ books should spark the imaginations of all ages and Smallprint champions books we love as adults, whether it is through their imagery, words, concept or content. This marvellous Compendium of wonders ticks all those boxes which makes my job a lot easier, phew.


It is always exciting to check out new books and this week we introduce five new additions to the shop.  Ranging from a brilliant, feel-good story book to a DIY pop-up book for creative kids, we've got a few new additions that will become firm favourites in no time.  Fun, stimulating, interactive and of course incredibly beautiful!


Being a small, family-run business ourselves we appreciate the fresh shoots of creativity from someone striving out on their own.  Mark Lemon had a vision for his own series of picture books and he took the bull by the horns and self-published under the name Lemon Drop Books. Here we catch up with him...

Papa Pukka - Reading the shit out of life

I don't have the patience to teach my toddler to cook. I don't know what she should wear or how girls' hair works. I'm a bit slapdash with toilet training and concede the Battle of the Evening Toothbrushing the moment she's got more than four gnashers with the faintest splash of paste on them. But I take story-time very seriously...

Wonder & Hur-Rah

In the past twelve months we have been left aghast at the serious talent in children's illustration. Rarely more so than this week, when we took delivery of Wonder & Rah's awesome print collection.  Wonder & Rah first came to our attention on Instagram, it was clear we simply HAD to have the range on Smallprint...

Small talk with Aino-Maija Metsola

We are huge fans of illustrator Aino-Maija Metsola's children's books 'Counting' and 'Colours'. We recently added her latest 'Traffic Jam' and 'Animal Parade' puzzle books to the shop, to celebrate we asked her to spare us 5 minutes and have a small chat about her life and work.  Read it here...

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