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We love bookshops. The papery, inky smell, the quiet rustling of pages and a silence that you haven't heard since before you had children.

Bookshops rule. Fact

We want to make our bookshop just as brilliant - a place where we can share our obsession with children's books and help people discover some absolute gems, which won't just make for great gifts and brilliant story times, but can even make people thank again about what books can do and be.

Our photography often gets us big praise, it looks good and gives a real taste of the magic the lies inside the covers of our books and makes choosing easier. We want to help people to discover books and art they will love so have created some new collections inspired by some of the most popular requests we have from our customers.

In addition to our original collections which include Little Learners, Board Books, Pop-Ups and Smallprint Favourites, we have created three new ones; Explorers, Animal Lovers and Story Books.

Designed to cater to adventurous kids who are usually outside covered in mud, our Explorers collection has books that can really expand the imagination and sense of fun. Whether it is deep sea diving in Manfish or Pool, or finding your family in space with Laika the astronaut dog, this is about suspending your disbelief and launching yourselves into a story.

Our kids love to live in the shoes of characters in these books; to laugh when they laugh and consider the possibilities for what could happen next. We brought the Explorers collection together because even after working a 12 hour day, they'll whisk you and you're children's imaginations away.  We all need a bit of help with that sometimes.

Animal Lovers is just that, a hand-picked collection of titles featuring a menagerie of feathered and furry friends. There are board books, first word books, pop-ups and flap books, not to mention briliant stories  that all feature animals, all in one place.  

Animals often feature in the top 10 first words spoken by kids, be it shouts of cat and duck or moo and pawoooo (its the sound that elephant makes - trust us, the song is ingrained in our souls), so putting this collection together was a no brainer. This collection will be a guaranteed winner that will expand children's vocabulary, boost their understanding of the world around them and you never know, may even bring out your best Llama impression.  

Lastly we have put all our story books into one place, hurrah! Many of these story books cross the age brackets and can be enjoyed by anyone.  Two year olds will find excitement in the pictures whilst 6 year olds will return to these brilliant titles as they start reading for themselves, or even better to their younger siblings.  Many of our story books have messages about growing up and making friends, or feature great escapades into the unknown.  All of them are perfect for someone, so we hope putting them together helps you find the right match!

What's more, if you ever need any help or advice to find the right books and gifts you can email us with questions on



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