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This week we are shifting our focus to gift-wrapping because we are a little bit obsessed with it and we have just had the pleasure of wrapping an order in our marvellous minty green paper.  To celebrate our good mood, the endorphin surge of Easter eggs around the corner and our amazing wrapping, we are offering free gift-wrap on the next 20 orders.  That means we will be busy and you can rest assured the best gifts are taken care of!

If you are in the business of selling beautiful books then you simply cannot do it the injustice of being wrapped in bog standard paper.  We have spent a long time finding the right stuff to get us buzzing about the outside and the inside, we reckon it will also get the kids excited with a stimulating combo of bold prints and scrunchy cellophane for little hands.

We start with reversible paper from the smashing paper mill 1973.  Made and printed in Brighton, using 100% recycled waste and vegetable inks, this reversible graphical paper is the best, mint and cream on one side and bold black and white on the other.  We then take our cellophane (being careful not to let the static charge pick up rogue cat hairs and bits of rice cake) and wrap the parcel evenly finishing off with one of our Smallprint stickers.  It is a little bit different and it does the contents justice, usual price is £3.49.  Don't miss out on our offer, check out our collections now!

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