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So here it is, Smallprint is no longer just a figment of my tired but enthusiastic imagination, it is alive and kicking!  We have been working on this shop since September 2014 and we are so pleased to see it up and running.  At times there have been moments where it has felt an impossible task given the baby-led sleepless nights and the all-consuming angst of a four year old, yet we are proud to bring you our vision of the best-looking, most fun and inspiring book design for little hands.  Our shop is all about enjoying great illustrations and fun stories that are interactive and entertaining for both kids and adults.  

Story-time is an important time of the day and tends to be a time to chat and focus without the distraction of a sibling falling over or the beeping washing machine reminding you it is still full.  We've worked hard to find some lovely imagery that will blow your socks off because it is so beautiful, or a book that will make you laugh along with your two year old because it's so silly.  We have loosely categorised our books by age but frankly we believe any child can find something to like in a nice book, our four year old daughter loves the letters in alphabet board books as much as our one year old son loves the pictures and touchy patches.  


Perfect gifts, beautiful gift wrapping and thoughtful attention to detail.  Take a look and let us know what you think!  We are currently small but we have big sights so watch this space for updates on our expanding collections.

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