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When you realise that your time is rarely yours, and that the enjoyment of a good book is often the sole pleasure of your children, you also come around to our way of thinking.  That is why we try to only stock the books that you will enjoy sharing.  With so many families off on their holidays, we have been thinking about the best books to not only entertain you and your child but maybe even allow you to stick your nose into your own book and reclaim a bit of 'you' time.  We are talking interactive books for inquisitive minds, something to get the brain whirring and prevent in-flight boredom setting in.  Read on for today's suggestions and use the code HAPPYHOLIDAY to get 10% off your orders before the weekend!*


If you are after hours of entertainment, possibly even days, then Mamoko is the way forward.  Sold out for a while, but both books are now back in stock but not for long!  A wordless book that is full of engaging characters and bold pictures, you become the storyteller as you follow each character from page to page and trace their own tale.  

There are endless options to weave your own interpretation and also clues to get you thinking about what is going on in their chaotic, busy world.  Our four year old enjoys it with our involvement and we are yet to exhaust all the characters, older children could manage to create their own adventures so you can slip away!  Choose from either Welcome to Mamoko or Mamoko in the Year 3000, both £12.99.

Another much-loved and admired gem is Follow that Car which takes you on a high-speed dash through busy streets to catch the gorilla.  You take the place of the motorcyling mouse and follow the route to hot-foot it behind the gorilla.  Watch out for the road-blocks and traffic-jams, the hustle and bustle of the city is not going to make it easy to find the right way to go!  A brilliant interactive book with loads to spot on each page, perfect for 3+. £10.99

Both of Herve Tullet's masterpieces would go down well when stuck on a runway for an hour. Each requires you to completely suspend your previous understanding of what is 'interactive', these books just need you to believe in magic!  

Press Here sees the reader shake and tap and roll the book to create an unfolding pattern of dots, whilst Mix it up is all about splodging and squishing to learn all about colour mixing.  Don't be embarrassed if you are taken in by this book as a grown adult, we have all been there! £9.99 each.

Lastly we recommend a classic spot the difference for young and old, we love The Odd One Out for the stunningly beautiful illustrations, engaging rhymes and cleverly hidden pictures.  Fingers crossed that your children are not MENSA members in the making, who complete them all straight away, this ought to allow you a little time to put your feet up and read at least one page of a magazine or paper. £10.99.

There you have it, well worth setting aside some luggage space for a decent book this summer. Better still make it a new book and benefit from the excitement of a different story, fresh illustrations and new challenges! Don't forget we are off on our holidays for a week from the 18th July so any orders placed during this time will be dispatched on or around the 27th July.  

*If you can't wait that long, place an order today or tomorrow and get a last minute 10% off until Friday 17th July. Expect your books to be dispatched before the weekend! Use code HAPPYHOLIDAY.



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