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For those of you with school-aged children, you will be painfully aware of the impending school holidays next week. This is the time when you need a loose plan of action that doesn't just rely on copious amounts of television.  Fear not, family life needn't make your palms sweaty, we have a wealth of goodies to pull out of the bag whenever you need to down a shot of creativity and clock up the reading hours to make you feel less of a poor parent.  

Whether you are staying put or jetting off for the break, we have imaginative, inspiring and, most importantly, time-consuming activity books that are tried and tested on our own demanding kids.  As with our whole collection, we have focused on both function and form, something interactive for them and something cool for you.  Read on for the latest stock to arrive just in time for the Easter break.



Everyone knows colouring is big news, whether you are searching for mindfulness or simply something to fill in kiddy whine-time.  Measuring in at 15ft long, To The Moon is the tallest colouring book in the world and it is packed full of intricate, awesome illustrations that take you from your home on the ground all the way to outer space.

New York based illustrator Sarah Yoon has crammed flying elephants, shark tanks, witches and robots into this fold-out colouring masterpiece and it makes the perfect paperback to squeeze into the last bit of space in your bag.  Guaranteed hours of entertainment in one skinny book.  Buy it here £9.95.



Next up, one for the babies in the form of two chunky board books from our latest illustrator crush, Aino-Maija Metsola.  We are HUGE fans of her lift-the-flap Colours and Counting books and she has not disappointed with the bold and brilliant artwork of Traffic Jam and Animal Parade, both recently published by Wide Eyed. 

These are not just books with punchy covers, inside they hide six puzzle pieces for toddlers to make 2 simple puzzles.  Being both educational and entertaining, one teaches the concept of 'in front and behind', the other focuses on what is bigger vs what is smaller.  Great all-rounders for young imaginations and little hands.  Buy them here, £9.95.



Superheroes are major players in our house, we love it when our daughter sets aside her crown in favour of a mask and bags of ballsy attitude.  The Super Book for Superheroes has a little bit of everything; colouring, crafting, drawing and of course lots of super challenges and stickers.  Use your X-Ray vision, colour in the super car, create your own superhero powers and masses more.  

There is definitely enough in here to see you through the holidays and beyond.  An invigorating and imaginative book for any budding hero, buy it here £9.95.  For those who prefer their activities a little less Wham, Bam, then try out the Animalium Activity Book and the Maps Activity Book, both £8.99.



We can't move for stickers in our house and there is every chance that each of us will have at least one hidden sticker stuck to their whereabouts at any given time.  We have navigated ripper sticker-gate many many times but the amount of time spent entertained has always outweighed the angst caused by those pesky blighters.  

Our latest favourites come from Stickyscapes which are a creation of Magma and Laurence King Publishers. Create ever-changing panoramic scenes whilst you navigate your way around the buildings, scenery and people of London and Paris. As sticker books go, this is one special one, look after it and use it to the max.  Buy them here, £9.95.



As you know we are all about the books, often about the prints and very occasionally about something else.  Today that something else is the brilliant Okido boxset, 'Let's Play a Game'.  Packed inside one quality box are all the bits you need to play six games, some classics that have been remastered in a fun and fresh way.  

From a spin on Snakes and Ladders to the brilliantly named 'Rumble-fart game', we have love for this handy box of magic and would happily whip it out on a plane journey or poolside on our holidays.  Unlike lots of games it doesn't take up much room and is bursting with great ideas for entertainment.  Buy it here, £14.95.


There you have it, our newest collections of boredom busters to help the holidays fly by. If you are still after some great ideas then check out our full range of books here and of course the best-selling wallet cards that make a brilliant travel companion!

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