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In our second blog post celebrating storytelling, the wonderfully imaginative and energetic Rosie Hudson gives us her five tips to make story-time that little bit more exciting and entertaining. Find out more at Rosie Tells Tales.

Make a story an experience
Bring a story to life. Try creating sound effects to help narrate the tale together and introduce props to reveal at poignant parts of the story.

Play with stories
Embrace the freedom stories gives us for playing with our strange and peculiar imaginings. Use the story to bounce ideas off with your child. There is nothing that connects adults to children so deeply as exploring each other's imaginations in a playful spirit.
Make magic
Surprise your child with an absurd scene of their own toys caught in the midst of a curious tale.  Watch as their imaginations explode with the ideas and possibilities. Be sure to capture the stories they create.  Have a look online at Dinovember’s creations for some great ideas for staging scenes with toys

Turn it all on its head
At weekends start an interactive story whilst they are munching on their breakfast, you can then use creative play throughout the day to build dens or forts out of pillows, create crafts from the story and inspire a creative and imaginative exploration of a story they can feel a real connection with.

A small changes that makes a big difference
If you tend to sit next to your child whilst reading them a story, you may be surprised at thedifference sitting in view can make. Letting your child have eye contact with you will convey a sense of truthfulness in your storytelling. It allows them to use your expressions to enhance their experience of the story and make their precious story-time even more beneficial and extraordinary.

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