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  • The Star in the Forest
  • The Star in the Forest
  • The Star in the Forest
  • The Star in the Forest
  • The Star in the Forest
  • The Star in the Forest

The Star in the Forest




One Saturday evening, sisters Pip and Maisie are sitting in the warm snug of their grandparent s cottage on the edge of a forest in Scotland. Maisie is restless and longs for adventure, but life at the cottage is always slow. When a bright light suddenly falls from the sky into the forest next door, Maisie can t believe her luck finally an adventure has come her way! She has boots on and torch in hand before Pip has even put down her hot chocolate.

Maisie is desperate to discover the special something as quickly as she can. As the two sisters journey through the dark forest towards the gradually receding light, her imagination runs riot perhaps it s space treasure, gold dust, or maybe even a creature from outer space! Pip, meanwhile, takes in the dark shapes and strange sounds around her, tentatively adjusting to the forest and its wild inhabitants. When Maisie finally reaches the source of the light, she is bitterly disappointed the special something is no more than a lump of rock. But thanks to Pip s careful observations, they realise it is in fact a star!

Highly atmospheric and magical in quality, this delightful debut picture book is sure to enchant children and parents alike.

3-6 years

32 pages
284 x 293mm
Thames & Hudson

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The Star in the Forest

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