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  • Take Away the A
  • Take Away the A
  • Take Away the A
  • Take Away the A
  • Take Away the A
  • Take Away the A

Take Away the A



Take Away the A is a fun, imaginative romp through the alphabet. The idea behind the book is that within every language there are words that change and become a different word through the simple subtraction of a single letter. In other words, without the “A,” the Beast is Best. Or, without the “M,” a chomp becomes a chop—though it could be that this particular play on words didn’t even make it into the book, there are so many! We certainly don’t want to give too much away! Discovering all of the words in the book is a lot of fun, and then there’s the wild, exciting adventure that follows, of trying to find more!

A great book for learning the alphabet with added appeal for older children learning to read.  We suggest 3-5 year olds.  Also from Michael Escoffier & Kris Di Diacomo - The Day I Lost my Superpowers.

56 pages
8.25 x 11.75 inches
Enchanted Lion Books

Take Away the A

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